``Makes you wanna play!``– Ian Carr

Do you want to build your own guitar with me?

Are you one of those who dream of building your own guitar? It has never been easier to make that dream come true. With my expertise you will receive all the guidance you need. You don’t need any prior knowledge. By the end of the course you will not only have a new and absolutely fantastic guitar, which you have built yourself. You will also have acquired knowledge of wood, music theory and confidence to build more instruments in the future.

That’s how it goes:

It takes 14 days to build a guitar in my workshop. You use my tools and always have my attention.

Before starting the course, you will have decided which of my four models you want to build so that I can prepare all the material. There will be no time to create decorations and inlays that you can sometimes see on the guitars I build myself. We will keep it simple. I will also prepare some of the basic steps, rather as they do in the chef programs on TV. Then we can put all our energy into what really makes a difference when it comes to guitar building. Everyone can cut a board, but not everyone can bend a piece of wood to give it the shape of a guitar. Everyone can count to 650 (scale length in mm) but not everyone can brace a guitar top.

Pictures from the workshop when Anders Holmberg works with his guitar.

Course Content

I take in a maximum of three students on each course. To avoid crowding we will alternate so that someone bend the sides while someone else will glue bracing on a top and a third will work with the neck. Some moments we stick between when we wait for the glue for something else to dry. There is always something to do with. Even when we have to wait for glue to dry, there are always other things to do.

The steps you will work on are:

You will plane and glue two bookmatched sides together, make a bow insert and line up the inside of the top and shape the bracing.

You will plane and glue two bookmatched sides together and line up and shape the bracing.

You bend the sides by hand around a heating element. Then you put them into a mould and glue them together.

The box
This is the time when all the parts of the box must be ready to be attached to each other. When done, cut out grooves for edge strips and glue the edge strips. You should also make a simple bridge that we glue in place when the neck angle is correct.

You will shape the neck and adjust it so that the neck angle is perfect, attach the fretboard and insert all the frets.

You will design your own head shape, with a nice and simple inlay.

Get the whole package together
Now it’s time to fix the neck to the body.

You put on a few layers of hard wax oil. While the oil dries, you will prepare for the intonation. The body and neck are oiled separately before being glued and screwed.

You will now set tuning machines and strings in place. This moment is very exciting. Then we will work on making the guitar well-toned and easy to play.

Some practicalities

The next course will be held July 29 – August 11, 2020.

Registration is done via the webshop.
The registration is valid as soon as the entry fee is paid.
The student arranges his own accommodation.
Food is not included in the course fee, but it is possible for easier cooking.
All material for the guitar is included in the course fee.
You can also buy a case.